My promise to you:

  • Government transparency in finances and contracts
  • Respect for all citizen's rights, in all matters
  • Respect for the taxpayer's hard earned money
  • ​Equitable water and sewer rates

 I decided to file as a Write-In candidate last Thursday.  So as they say, game on.  If you haven't voted yet, just write my name (David Thomas) in below Leo's name and fill in the circle next to where you just wrote my name! 

If you have already voted:

According to the Clerk's Office; If you want to change your vote you can call and ask them to SPOIL your ballot and issue you a new one.   

The absentee ballots come in, are filed according to precinct and day and time arrived.  The envelopes are NOT opened so your name is still on the outside of the envelope.  If you want to do this; it must be done before they stop issuing the ballots.

If doing stickily by mail I would not do it after November 2.  If in person, I think you have until November 7.

At the precinct on Nov. 8.... if you mess up your ballot.... they can spoil it at the location and issue you a new one.... as long as you didn't send it into the counting machine ....

If you would feel better.... call the Clerk's office to verify.  248-433-7703    

Would love to post the actual article but the newspaper never put the article on their website.

Volunteering at 

St. Leo's Soup Kitchen

Water and Sewer Law Suit is Now a Class action suit based on the court decision .

"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right."

Henry Ford

Write Me In on The Ballot!
See the write in tab above for details!

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Candidate Comparisons 

Three questions for Mr. Savoie:

  1. How can it be a clerical error when you submitted a FOIA of the information?
  2. How can it be a clerical error when the clerk refused the same information to a citizen because of privacy issues?
  3. How can it not be a conspiracy when the clerk also benefited from the violation of our privacy and the sending of the email?

Dave Thomas

The spending level has resulted in Bloomfield Township’s Red Ink increasing substantially
Long term Debt Growth 
2011      $52, 957,133
2015    $126,258,942
The result is a 138% increase in debt!
Revenue Growth
2011 $14,618,946
2015 $15,920,148
That is an 8.9% increase.
​Revenue-to-debt is out of balance


Henry Ford

This isn't leadership.  

This is arrogance

towards the citizens.

After getting complaints about the large illegally mounted signs (over 5 feet above the ground) on Telegraph near Maple Rd. in the July 11 Trustee Meeting, Neal Barnett decided to join with Leo Savoie's and Brian Kepes' total contempt of our ordinances and laws and illegally mounted his own political campaign signs.

All The Latest News Right Here!

A formal complaint has been filed with the Secratary of State and the Attorney general's offices about the illegal Use of Township Email For Personal and Political Gain  Scandal Updates

To those that supported and voted for me,

I cannot thank you enough for your love and support during the past 4 months.  Many of you either donated your time, money, or support in other ways to help challenge Leo Savoie for Supervisor.

Unfortunately, I lost this epic David versus Goliath match by a mere 452 votes. Out spent $140,000 to $8,000 I almost pulled off the impossible.

One thing I learned as I knocked on the many doors is that the compassion and intellect of our community is beyond compare.  Many of you invited me into your homes and gave me a cool drink of water or a brief respite from the  extreme heat and humidity that had gripped our area for most of June and July. To you folks, I am eternally grateful for your kindness.

Others kept encouraging me to continue the fight when I was feeling like we were losing ground.  Again, thank you for keeping me going.

To all of you thank you just isn't enough to tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for me.  But there are no other words.

So thank you one and all. It was a wonderful experience.

Sewer & Water overcharges have resulted in a Class Action Lawsuit against Bloomfield Township. The suit claims Sewer & Water over charges of:
$11,100,000 or $825/customer
Additional claims in the suit against the Township are:
- Unjust enrichment
- Violation of the Headlee Amendment
- Erroneous accouting practices
- Adding public safety charges to sewer and water customers
- Township's own water & sewer charges added to the  sewer & water customer's bills

Leo Savoie

Hickory Grove School was sold sold to developers ... More of our parks gone!

Issues in the Township

Violation of Township Ordinances By Savoie and Kepes

Compare the Candidates 
Critical Issues for Bloomfield Township





Excellent Police, Fire, and EMS service
Competitive Sewer and Water Rates
Competitive Bidding on Professional Services
Transparency on All Township Transactions and Financials
Video Recording & Archiving of All Township Meetings 
Five Day Work Week for Township
Respecting the Citizen’s Privacy and Personal Information

The sale of a Fire Truck. The mismanagement saga continues.  Was it for a good cause or did the taxpayers lose money for political gain? Story coming soon!




Dave Thomas

Bloomfield Township's BEST CHOICE FOR Supervisor

Citizens can send their complaints about the abuse of their privacy by this blatant abuse of power for self enrichment by Leo Savoie and Janet Roncelli to Richard Cunningham in the State's Attorney Generals office:


XI'm Dave Thomas and I am committed to making your voice heard on Bloomfield Township issues. I am running for Supervisor because, like you, I want to play an active role in making our community a safer, better place to raise our children, run our businesses, and forge a future filled with unlimited promise.  To do this we must bring a transparent government that no longer fleeces its citizens through unjust water and sewer rates, no bid contracts, and property taxes.

I am running for office because I can no longer sit in the Trustee meetings and and watch the present Supervisor and the Trustees award one no bid contract after another, where citizens are told by the Supervisor they cannot ask questions about how their tax dollars are being spent, the rejection of purchasing procedures requiring competitive bids for professional services, the transfer of funds over the objections of the citizens, and citizens' petitions calling for a forensic audit the water department are ignored.

The Leo Savoie "Friends and Family" purchasing policies must be stopped!

A great government is one that protects its citizens' rights, welcomes their participation, provides total financial transparency, shows respect for its residents, and their tax dollars.

​ Help me make our Township great again.  

Vote Dave Thomas for Supervisor.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference -- for our families and for our community.