My promise to you:

  • Government transparency in finances and contracts
  • Respect for all citizen's rights, in all matters
  • Respect for the taxpayer's hard earned money
  • ​Equitable water and sewer rates

The Dave Thomas Plan

  • ​​Bring professional management to the Township
  • Put all financial reporting on a quarterly system including income statements, balance sheet, with cash flow projections, and performance to budget.
  • Put all financial information on the Township website.
  • Put all zoning and trustee meetings on television/video
  • Establish a purchasing policy for all Township business requiring competitive bids for all projects
  • Ensure all vendors deliver on their contracts through enforcement of the contract.
  • Ensure justified water and sewer rates.
  • ​Develop a strategic plan for the Township with input from homeowner's associations and hold Town Hall meetings to get the citizen's input as well.
  • Develop a nepotism policy
  • ​Bring property taxes in line with other communities.
  • Strengthen the recreation programs
  • Put the Township back on a 5 day work week

The spending level has resulted in Bloomfield Township’s Red Ink increasing substantially
Long term Debt Growth 
2011      $52, 957,133
2015    $126,258,942
The result is a 138% increase in debt!
Revenue Growth
2011 $14,618,946
2015 $15,920,148
That is an 8.9% increase.
​Revenue to debt is out of balance


  • In the March Trustee Meeting, Supervisor Leo Savoie, Clerk Janet Roncelli, Turstee's Brian Kepes, Neal Barnett, and Corrine Khadarian all voted down a motion that would have required competitive bidding on all professional services (Engineering, accounting, legal etc.)

  • In the same meeting the same voting block authorized a no bid contract extension to the present contractor that is doing the walkways throughout the Township.

  • Perhaps this is why our property taxes are so high?


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Government that is transparent and respects the citizen's rights and tax dollars does not have these kind of issues.