Water and sewer rates are a tax that the citizen does not get to vote on, yet they can be a lien against the citizens property.

Law firm asks for information vis FOIA request.

Twice the Trustees gave irrationally high estimates for the FOIA request

A Prime Example of What is Wrong With The Present Township Management:  Longpointe Sewer Project.

  • ​$91,000 spent in pre-engineering without Trustee approval
    • Savoie approves $91,000 administratively without informing the board of the expenditure
  • $1.27 million sewer project approved without a SAD 
    • ​Twice the homeowners rejected the SAD.
    • There are 101 home sites in the subdivision but only 41 homes were part of the sewer project.
    • Savoie forced the sewer project onto 41 homeowners who were coerced into accepting a sewer project on their street by being told they would not have to tie into it or have a Special Assessment District. 
    • The proposal was approved by the Trustees but they were never informed of the pre-engineering or engineering over-run costs.
  • $400,000 in engineering costs and over-runs were approved by Savoie without Trustee approval.
  • ​Engineering company owner is a Savoie campaign donor.
  • The residents also received a free road because the road had to be replaced after the sewer project.,  This added another $100,000 that was not approved by the board.  Again, a no bid contract was given to the contractor.

Twice the Trustees voted down the audit.

Sewer & Water over charges have resulted in a Class Action Lawsuit against Bloomfield Township. The suit claims Sewer & Water over charges of:
$11,100,000 or $825/customer
Additional claims in the suit against the Township are:
-Unjust enrichment
-Violation of Headlee
-Erroneous accouting practices
-Adding public safety charges to sewer and water customers
-Passing Township water and sewer usage charges onto the  sewer & water customers

I collected 200 signatures and put together the costs related to water and sewer rates.  I tried to present the information to the Trustees and was denied to put it on the agenda.  So I wrote the original editorial.

Editorials and Newspaper Articles on the Sewer & Water Rates

Water and Sewer Rate Increase from 2011 to 2015

We are literally getting hosed!

Ready to serve charges went from $46 in 2011

to $288 today:  a 526%  increase!

Class Action Law Suit Information

Timeline of Events For Lawsuit



My promise to you:

  • Government transparency in finances and contracts
  • Respect for all citizen's rights, in all matters
  • Respect for the taxpayer's hard earned money
  • ​Equitable water and sewer rates